Our educators

Notre équipe


Working at CAME as an educator since 2006, Céline is our oldest! Mother of two boys, she had daycare at home for 8 years. She also worked as an educator in Sainte-Julie for 6 years. In addition to her job at CAME, she has been working since 2015 with a child with special needs. The purity of the little ones, their naivety and their overflowing imagination are just some of the reasons that prompted her to choose this profession that fascinates her.

Notre équipe


Annick joined the CAME team in 2017, bringing with her her experience as an educator and her knowledge of social work. Mother of a 22-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy, she is always there for her family and to help others. She is also involved in her community as a volunteer. For her, children are a source of pure happiness. She wants to offer parents peace of mind by ensuring the safety and well-being of their child.



At CAME since 2013, Carmen has acquired experience in early childhood as a stay-at-home-mother for her two boys. Being an educator at CAME gives her great joy because she finds it rewarding to play a role in the development of children through various learning experiences. Offering a break to parents and having the pleasure of sharing quality time with children are among the elements of her work that are particularly close to her heart.



Caroline joined the team of educators in 2015. Passionate about her profession, she has a lot of experience of working with children. Mother of two boys, she had a home daycare for 8 years and also volunteered at her children's school. Caroline made the choice to work in early childhood for the dynamism and joy of the children as well as for the happiness she feels when she does activities with them.



Working as an educator at CAME since 2013, Manon was first trained as a resource teacher. Since then, she has worked in school daycare services and as an educator in Sainte-Julie. Manon has always loved children. Even as a teenager, she babysat regularly. Once she became a mother, she decided to put aside her career as a resource teacher to stay at home with her children. Creating bonds with children and seeing them evolve at their own pace fascinates her.



Toshonna has been working as an educator at CAME since 2020. She primarily works with the children from 6 months to 3 years old. Mother of three children, one of whom has special needs, she has great sensitivity and great commitment. Her background makes Toshonna a very versatile person; she teaches yoga to young children in different daycares and schools. Toshonna enjoys being with children and seeing them grow in all areas of their development. She feels a great joy to share the evolution of the children with their parents.

Our coordinators

Aline Desfossés, Director
Vannia Calderon Sosa, Administrative Coordinator

Notre conseil d’administration 2022-2023

Christina Pitacciato, Présidente
Nadine Li, Secretary
Véronique Rousseau, Trésorière
Stéphanie Neron, Administratrice
Iting Arato, Administratrice