Steps for vendors

Important information

  • The price indicated on the label will be the price paid by the buyer. For the vendor, we will return 75% of the price of the items sold to you.
  • The site will close Wednesday night before the bazaar. Please enter all your items and print your labels before this date.
  • There is a reservation system to drop off your items to minimize queues:
  • CAME is not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen items. Please be sure to package your items securely and attach the labels so they cannot be easily removed.

**At each Bazaar, you must repeat these steps and create a new vendor number with a valid email address and a new password**

  1. Register as a vendor
  • Click on ''register as a vendor'' at the bottom and then click on ''s’inscrire’’. (If you don't see the " s’inscrire“, the site is not yet active.)
  • Enter your email and a password then click ''se connecter''. 
  • Your vendor number now appears at the top of the screen in the blue rectangle.

*Registration opens about a month before the bazaar. Follow us on Facebook for the exact date.

*Registration opens Monday, April 11

  1. Register your articles
  • To register your first article, you must modify article number 1. To do this, click on this first article (first named ''modifiez-moi''), then click Modifier un item. Enter the following information:
    • Shortened name : This is the name of the item for sale. You are allowed a maximum of 14 characters. Ex: farmhouse, shoes
    • Price : the minimum is 3$. Multiples of 0.50$ are accepted (ex: 3$, 3.50$, 4$, 4.50$…). Remember that CAME will retain 25% from the listed price. So for an item tagged at 10$, you will receive 7.50$ if it sells.
    • Short description : this is the place to complete the name of the article (ex: with animals, brand Geox, gr.12). You do not have to repeat the information entered under shortened name.
  • Then press save. The item now appears in your list.
  • You can now add more items by clicking ''Add an item''. You can modify or remove an item at any time by first clicking on the item concerned and then on ''Modify an item'' or ''Remove an item''.


  • Note that each vendor can sell up to 50 items.
  • Labels from previous years are not valid.
  • Please do not modify the size of the labels.
  • The items will be handled by hundreds of people, please take the time to properly seal, attach, join, close, glue, etc. so as not to misplace pieces or labels.
  • Clothing is accepted in lots only. Use a single label to identify a lot of clothing (example: 30 pcs boy 2-4 years). Clothing must be in a clear plastic bag AND well sealed. A list of items and/or a photo inside the bag is recommended to facilitate the sale, as none of the bags can be opened on site. No clothing for individual sale will be accepted (with the exception of jackets and snowsuits).  Maximum of two (2) lots of clothing per vendor.
  • you can sell two fall/spring jackets or winter snowsuits depending on the season on YOUR hangers seperate from the lots of clothing. Make sure EVERYTHING is securely attached.
  • Once you have registered, you can come back at any time to add, modify or delete articles.
  • Wait until you are done entering and changing all your items before printing the labels and the list in order to avoid labels whose printed price differs from the recorded price. Make sure your FINAL labels match the prices on your list of items.
  1. Print your labels
  • Click on the icon located at the top of the list of items. A window will open with your labels. Press the right mouse button, then choose Print. Labels can be printed on white paper or white cardboard. You can print specific pages if changes were made.  **PLEASE DO NOT REDUCE LABEL SIZE**
  1. Print your list of items
  • Click the icon at the top of the list. A window will open to allow you to save your list in Excel format. You can then print it.
  1. Attach your label to your item
  • Each tag must be securely attached to its item. Make sure the barcode and number are legible. **PLEASE DO NOT REDUCE THE SIZE**

Here are some examples:

    • Cover the tag with wide tape, punch out one corner, then tie the tag to the item with a string.
    • Place the label on the toy then cover with wide adhesive tape.
    • Some photos of examples

Note that the tags do not have to be removed when selling.

  1. Drop off your items
  • Labeled items must be dropped off Friday between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Center Marcel-Dulude (530 boul. Clairevue, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville). We will give you a plastic card with your vendor number. Make an appointment here:
  1. Get your money back
  • Come to the Centre Marcel-Dulude with your plastic card with your vendor number on Saturday after the bazaar. Please check the email sent to all vendors for the exact time. You may mandate someone else to pick up your items as long as they have your plastic card. Uncollected items will become the property of CAME. No exceptions will be considered.

For any questions, please check the FAQs or email us at